Tips for Wearing Men's Dress Socks

Sock are an important part of men's clothing. Wearing the right socks can greatly improve your confidence and bring out your fashion sense. However, most people do not pay attention to the socks they wear. This can sometimes lead to unwanted attention or embarrassing moments. For example, if you wear socks that clash with your trouser colors, you may attract unwanted attention. On the same note, wearing socks that have holes or that are mismatched can leave you feeling embarrassed when they are spotted. Here's a good read about  mens funky socks, check it out! 

Wearing the right socks does not take time. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when looking to wear men's dress socks.

i) Length of the socks
One of the decisions you will have to make is whether to wear knee length or ankle length socks. Generally, men have traditionally worn knee length socks due to an archaic belief that their bare legs are not supposed to the unintentionally exposes. The rule makes sense even today. You do not want to attract attention to your hairy white leg skin underneath a dark suit. To gather more awesome ideas on  funky socks, click here to get started. 

However, following the rule to the latter can be quite difficult today. This is because most manufacturers no longer make socks that go above the knee or even close to it. The extra material needed to make socks reach the knee make them 25% more expensive. And with socks, manufacturers are mainly competing on price. If you would like to adhere to tradition and wear men's socks that reach the knees, you may have to look at a department store and be ready to pay more for them.

ii) Match the dress level
You should ensure the socks you are wearing match the dress level of the rest of your ensemble. For example, if you are wearing a sport jacket and grey flannel trousers, wool argyle socks will work perfectly. If you're wearing a black-tie, a suitable pair or socks would be those that re lightweight, knee-high and have a sheen appearance. You will want to go with a dark sock is you wear casual footwear, T-shirt and jeans. For the gym, white tube socks will be perfect.

iii) Quality of the socks
It's important to consider the quality of the socks you would like to purchase. The quality will mostly be determined by the material used to make it. Ideally, you should choose socks that are breathable and comfortable. Some of the materials commonly used to make socks include cotton, polyester, acrylic and satin.